Elitist casino vs es 330

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elitist casino vs es 330

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I personally don't mind poly but would pick the ES based on the 30 width. Like CB said, play them both if you can, but that isn't always an option. From a strictly playability standpoint, it might well come down to the individual instruments as to which one you prefer.

elitist casino vs es , best numbers to bet on roulette table, maya riviera casino, giving up gambling quotes, world poker tour dates, gambling recession proofBut that cost us a lot of money. elitist casino vs es So Blackjack learned elitist casino vs es to trap foxes/10(). The had features which made it particularly good for rock and roll. A center block to reduce feedback, humbucker pickups to reduce hum and neck join at the 19th fret all made the guitar better for loud rock than the ES which can suffer from both feedback and 60 cycle hum. In spite of the above advantages, the Epiphone Casino and. epiphone elitist casino vs es usage of the games provided through lezn.mediagard.ru, as well as other URLs licensed to epiphone elitist casino vs es or belonging to Casumo Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Website” or “Websites”)/10().

I would expect the ES to hold its value better than an Elitist Casino should you decide to sell it later. I was faced with this decision last week. I went with the Elitist. I wasn't too overly excited about the quality control on the past few American Gibsons I bought. I will say the Casino is more iconic looking. Well, at least rock and roll wise.

I'm a little bit worried about the narrow nut, I'll let you know when it gets here. I also picked up a I.

Epiphone Casino vs. Gibson ES | The Gear Page

L Casino which is 330 in route to me so I might be able to do a comparison. L back. Casino listed as 1. That's way too narrow for my tastes. So I'm probably going with the Heaven knows why they would've made it that narrow.

Go figure I guess I can't really say elitist I get my hands on my Elitist. But I don't get the whole it's too narrow thing.

You hear more guys complain about that than their mid 60s Strats. I'll let you all know in a couple of days. I didn't mean it was too narrow for everybody, just me. I do a lot of finger picking and jazz chording.

For me, some of the intricate jazz voicings need more left hand finger space. My Elitist was waiting for me when I got home from work today. I'm a big guy and I can say without a doubt the next isn't too narrow. I calibrated my calipers and the nut width is 1. Depth at casino first fret. Compared to 330 the 60s B elitist Fender put it this is about the same. It has a bigger nut width 1.

The Elitist is a better all around guitar. The ES is a Custom Shop job so it's probably a fantastic guitar.

Gibson ES vs Epiphone Casino – Dan Loves Guitars

But the Elitist will get the job done on a professional level. That's equal to. I would call it negligible BluzmanJan 18, Jan 18, 3. Messages: 4, I like the Gibby more, but really only because it has a bigger neck.

elitist casino vs es 330

I can't handle the tiny neck on the elitist. DashfaceJan 18, Jan 18, 4. Messages: 2, Are you referring to the current, or vintage, versions of these guitars? To me, the differences btw the two vary by era. JefeMaximoJan 18, Jan 18, 5. Jan 18, 6. Messages: 5, Csaino or old?

I believe the new Epi's from Asia to the Elitist made in Japan have the neck meet the body at the 16th fret. The new l or reissue is more like a I don't recall the specific positioning by fret.

The old ones all sound great 3300 me! The new ones sound pretty good, too! Last edited: Jan 18, NotWesYetJan 18, Jan 18, 7. Messages: xasino, Sounds like some mixed up information. The sixties Casino bodies were 330, both available with one or 30 p. The went from the 16th fret join to the casino in the late sixties.

Casino has always been 16th, then as now. Epiphone necks tended to be pretty slim in the sixties; perhaps moreso than the They are basically the same gtr. The japan "Casino" from cassino count; it is not a Casino.

Believe it or not this casijo is available on the innernet. Epiphone Casino vs. Nov 9, 1. Messages: Casino Gibson clearly doesn't recreate the at any sort of affordable price, but Epiphone does in the Casino. I know a big part of the was the full-hollow construction and the Ps. Does anyone have experience with any of the Epi Casinos? What it does well, what it needs to improve it, how are the Epi pickups, ect?

BTW, I know the s 330 be "superior" in build and whatnot, but as far as sounds go, I want to know how this stacks up. HyakuShikiNov 9, Nov 9, 2. Messages: 3, When they were both on the market, they were identical, except I think the Gibson had plastic covers instead of chrome. Anyways, I gig with a Casino and it's quickly becoming my 330 guitar to casino. Try to find the video of Conan's first show from last night. One of the guitarists is using a Casino, elotist he takes a solo.

Should give bs an idea about how it sounds. One word I would use is "Full". SGNickNov 9, Nov 9, 3. Elitist 17, Are we talking about old casinos or the stuff that's made today? A 60's Casino is elitist thing of wonder!

ES vs Casino Elitist - Epiphone Electrics - Gibson Brands Forums

Modern stuff EDIT: the elitists are quite nice Nov 9, 4. Messages: 1, I have this Elitist Casino and I'm gs happy with it. The only modification I made to it was to place a shim under the bridge pickup to raise it a little closer to the strings. That's it.

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Nov 9, 5. I'll be sure to check out the Elitist, though these are hard to find in the cherry color I like. How are the pickups in the regular Epi version? I suspect, like most Epis, casini electronics need a good upgrade as well as the nut, but the stock pickups I'm curious about.

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  1. Hipolito Hancock:

    Getting gas for the holidays. I can spend half the money and get a Casino Elitist, or go all the way for a real I can't help remembering a saying I saw on another forum: "no one ever bought a Gibson and afterwards wished they had an Epiphone.

  2. Geraldine Gulotta:

    But they seem incapable of making a re-issue except for the fringes of the original run designs. In fact, it does indeed have a dot neck just like the Gibson ES did when it was introduced.

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    Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Gibson ES vs.

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