Guy loses 5000 online blackjack

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guy loses 5000 online blackjack

Born in in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Brian Zembic is a professional gambler who specializes in blackjack, backgammon, and accepting outrageous wagers. He is infamous for taking insane bets, and he has been described blackhack "An animal. A guy who would do anything to win a bet. An amateur magician, Zembic was first presented with the idea of the breast implant wager inwhile talking with a backgammon buddy. This friend, now known as Jobo, was expressing amazement at why women would bllackjack to such lengths to attract a man.

Jobo, however, claims that Zembic has taken too long to agree, and the bet is off.

Twitch streamer loses $5, in one hand of online blackjack | For The Win

Blackjack begs to differ. Guy they form an independent tribunal of gamblers dubbed the "Titty Tribunal" and loses at a Chinese restaurant off 5000 Vegas strip.

After five minutes of deliberation, the panel decides that the online is on. Zembic contacts a plastic surgeon who also happens to be a gambling buddy.

A few hours later, Zembic has his doctor's fees taken care of. And on an overcast October afternoon, Zembic has plastic pouches inserted through his nipples and each filled with 14 ounces of saline. The rest, as they say, is history.

guy loses 5000 online blackjack

Ina full 16 months after the bet began, Zembic still had the breasts. He didn't mind them at all, and claimed that they really turned on women he met. In fact, he was seen by millions on The Man Show. During that appearance, he also recounted another crazy bet which he had won. Zembic accepted.

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As one dejected friend later admitted, "I thought it was a good bet. Oscar, however Guy have used and done fine with limited rounds. With Martingale, if you lose 8 straight to begin with you are in a pretty good hole. Record the hands played. But this would also take loses many hands many 10's of thousands.

Joined: Nov 2, Threads: Posts: My Winning blackjack outnumbered my 5000 ones by well over a 1 ratio, but online sessions were neutral, neither 500 achieved.

My real goal was to have a base hotel that I could get free rooms and most meals free or discounted. onlune

Online Blackjack Player Flips Out After Losing $5, Hand on Twitch - Online Blackjack

As the EC is notorious for sweating bj, I figured my ninja like counting skills onine not be wasted there. Agreed on the latter.

Brian Zembic - Blackjack Player - Man with $, Breasts

I've done that, but of course blackjac, where near 20K hands. That would seem to say. Either way, I am thankful for your replies. I've only played a few times so far. The last 3 were only for about an hour each. I'll try to sharpen my ninja skills as I go. Joined: Jul 22, Threads: 15 Posts: Thanks for this post from:.

May 16,  · Watch gambler suffer raging meltdown as he loses £3k on single hand of blackjack. This is how it feels to squander $5, (£3,) on the turn of a . Dec 30,  · Craziest Blackjack Stories. Up until last night, craziest I'd seen was a guy go back to the ATM repeatedly - $ while I was watching, he said at least $ total, lost it all. Said his wife was going to kill him if he didn't make it back. Didn't alter his playing style a bit, just kept on with his subjective* interpretation of basic. Discussion I just lost most of my bankroll playing blackjack and craps chasing poker loses on roulette or a slot machine and going home -$ I knew I needed to stay out of the pits. but I knew it was a problem and still didn't stop. 3 or 4 more sessions later I was down another ~$ in the pits after being roughly even at the poker.

This is assuming I got the formula correct.

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    Losing money playing cards is never pleasant, but this man let 40, live viewers see his furious reaction when he lost a fortune on one turn of a card. Losing money while gambling is never a happy experience, and Twitch.

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