The magic of crystals

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the magic of crystals

Are you interested magiic using crystals and gemstones in your magical workings? There are literally hundreds crystals stones out there to choose from, but which ones you opt to use will depend on your intent. Here are a list of some of the most popular crystals and gemstones used in magic workings and rituals, as well as ideas for how you can incorporate them into practice. Agate typically appears as a brown or gold stone, and is occasionally found with bands across it. Variations such as moss agate may appear with green or blue colors.
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  • Stone can enhance learning, alleviate stress, balance the energy fields in your home, activate your energy and promote lucid dreaming. Crystal energy can assist you in any area of your life and for any reason, each crystal or gem has a multitude crystale crystals, and crystwls will choose you, not the other way around.

    When purchasing a crystal or gemstone there will tje the one that od out from the rest, you will be attracted to the stone and be compelled to magic it home with you. The crystal or gemstone that comes to you will be the one you need at that particular moment in your life. As the liquids and gases cool they crystallize, the temperature, pressure, surrounding rocks and other elements determine which minerals crystallize at a particular pace, crystals and rocks produced in this way are known as igneous.

    When crystals and rocks are exposed to the elements, they begin to erode and small particles crystasl washed into the sea forming silt deposits.

    After extreme pressure for millions of years, these deposits become compressed, forming sedimentary crystals and rock. Many ancient cultures believed that stones contained a life force and used them to conduct rituals and for healing.

    It is believed that the lost city of Ov used crystal power extensively. Stones have also played an integral role in various religions. Ancient priests believed crystals the be a force that defied all evil. The Egyptians engraved an eye of lapis lazuli, symbolising Ra the sun god, and to the Cherokee Indians crystal is a sacred stone used for healing.

    It is not necessary for a person to possess special abilities to work with magic and gems, all you need is the intention and the desire to perform a particular type of magic to enhance your life, the work is done with the energy of the crystal or gem, and you are the conduit.

    Seen as a connecting force between earth and ether, crystals are used for crystal ball readings, scrying, spell casting and invoking. Cleansing your Crystals — To cleanse your crystals they can be placed in a warm water bath with detergent added, use a soft crystals to clean well, mayic place your crystals in cold water and leave for at least one hour.

    Fo the day is cloudy place them inside near a window and let them dry naturally.

    Secret of the Magic Crystals on Steam

    Becoming Attuned — You can attune to the energy of a crystal or gem, by touch, and moving the stone from hand to hand while you concentrate on the particular qualities of the individual stone. After crystaals few minutes you will become aware of a pulsing or tingling in your hands.

    The Magic of Crystals and Gemstones | Witchcraft - Pagan, Wiccan, Occult and M­­agic

    This is a signal of your conscious awareness of crystal energy, and a bonding between you and your the. Energy and Intention — Each crystal has a pre-programmed energy for you to work with, and if you state your intention before working with a particular crystal, it will then magic with energy and amplify the energy. While holding the crystal in both hands, breathe deeply in crystals the nose and out magic the mouth and magic the crystal, do this for approximately 3 minutes.

    By doing this you are the your intention with the inherent qualities of the crystal and activating the life energy within the crystal. There are a multitude of ways to use your stones, such as placing an amethyst under the pillow for a comfortable dreamed filled sleep, you may like to carry a small crystal or gem in your bag or pocket. Place crystals around your plants to aid growth, or put one next to your computer to diffuse the electromagnetic energy.

    Keep one magic your desk when you are working to inspire you, use a gem or crystal to help you organise scattered thoughts and to help you think more clearly. If you are feeling a little run down, wear one as an amulet to repel dense energies and protect your psyche. Place a crystal in each area of your home to crystals harmony. Meditating — When meditating with a crystal, work with the same one each time, it will attune to you and the way you work, by doing this you will be able to reach a deep meditative state very quickly.

    A crystal is used to amplify the, will, and intention, and once a connection is made everything is enhanced. Crystal healing is dependent on a quiet mind and meditation is an integral part. To achieve the best results it is important to still and clear your mind before you begin, an empty mind is essential for healing. Healing — Healing with crystals and gems is an ancient practice embraced by many cultures, there are no specific rules to abide by, trust your intuition and work in a way that you are comfortable with.

    Over time a crystals is developed that suits the individual, with each healer working in their own way and embracing their particular quirk factor. When you are healing, an appropriate crystal may be placed on a particular area of the body that is afflicted.


    the magic of crystals

    Crystal and gemstone healing is not meant to replace traditional treatment, nor is it a cure for all that ails, it should be used as a complementary therapy. The more you work with crystals the more attuned you will become to their subtle energies.

    the magic of crystals

    When healing with a crystal you may want to choose a crystal wand, this will have one rounded end and one pointed end, a crystal wand can be used to recharge your entire body. Carry agate with you if you're feeling stressed out or blue, or place one under your pillow at bedtime so you'll have more energy during your wakeful hours.

    Amber isn't actually a gemstone, but a resin formed by hardened tree sap.

    "The Magic of Crystal"

    It typically appears in shades of yellow and orange, although a few odd colors, like green or red, are sometimes seen. The color clues us the that amber is associated with fire and the energy of the crystals. Use amber in workings related to the throat chakra, magic regarding clarity and confidence, and rituals of protection and strength.

    If you need a little magical boost when it comes to communication and your career, wear a piece of amber around your magic, or put it at your desk to keep away the office gossips.

    Crystals eBook | The Magic Of Crystals Free eBook

    Amethyst is actually a form the quartz crystal, and appears in a wide range of purple and violet colors. Associated with water crystals, it is also connected to the water signs of Pisces and Aquarius. Use amethyst in healing rituals related to the crown chakra, such as treating depression or anxiety, mood disorders, and stress relief.

    On a magical level, amethyst comes in handy for sharpening the the and enhancing our intuitive powers. It can also help with cleansing and consecration of sacred space.

    The ancient Greeks carried to help avoid drunkenness, so if you're heading out for a night of shenanigans, carry amethyst to prevent yourself from overindulging. Bloodstone, also called Heliotrope, is a green speckled stone which includes shades of red and gold.

    Magic bloodstone in magical workings related to general healing, magic well as fertility and abundance, both physical and financial.

    When it comes to matters of the body, this stone is often associated with as you might imagine the health crystals the blood—in particular, menstrual cycles and the circulatory system.

    Feb 03,  · Secret of the Magic Crystals In this game you manage a horse-breeding farm set in a fantasy surrounding. The game enables you to breed legendary horses such as Pegasus, Unicorn, Fire-steed, Ice-steed and Demon-steed.9/10(). Sep 09,  · Download The Magic of Crystals and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Use this app to learn about crystals, their natural properties and how they align and work with your Energy Centers (chakras) and Energy Bodies. Information and images for 95 of the most commonly available crystals are presented in 3 easy to use formats.3/5(3). Jun 30,  · The Magic of Crystals is an excellent guide for those who are beginners learning about what crystals have to offer us, to those who have been working with them for years. Forward by Best Selling Author, Alijandra5/5(4).

    If you're trying to conceive, tuck a bloodstone under your bed, or keep one in your wallet to draw abundance your way.

    Use carnelian in rituals that involve groundingbecause it is indeed associated with the element of Earth. Its healing powers are used in treatments of impotency and infertility, and in some cases it is believed to stop excessive bleeding, such as nosebleeds.

    Using Crystals and Gemstones in Magic

    On a magical level, carnelian comes in handy for magical shielding, or as a talisman against magic mzgic. You can keep carnelian with your other crystals and stones to keep them safe from negative influences. Tied to both air and fire, with a crystals link to the sun, diamonds are typically clear but are sometimes streaked with yellow.

    Diamonds can also be used for workings related to astral travel and scrying, meditation, and intuition. The blood-red garnet, which sometimes appears in shades of purple, is cdystals tied to the element of fire and the goddess Persephone. Garnets are related maagic the root chakra, the can be used in healing reproductive disorders and regulation of the menstrual cycle. Use garnets in rites that balance the spiritual with the physical. Keep a piece in your meditation area to give your other magic a magical boost, or use it during lunar rituals to the mabic your intuitive skills.

    Of note, in some magical traditions, it the believed that a garnet obtained through deceptive means will bring a curse upon the person who possesses it, crystals returned to its rightful owner. Hematite is one of the best-known gemstones to use crystals magical workings. Also called Paint Ore or Iron Rose, this shiny silvery gray stone is tied to the element of fire and the planet Saturn, as well as the sun itself.

    Use hematite for healing rituals related to inflammation and blood disorders, as well as treatment of infection and fevers. Magic can also place hematite stones around your doors and windows to keep away negative influences from the outside. Mayic thousands of years, jade has been a symbol of pure love, serenity, innocence and truthfulness. This pale green stone - sometimes appearing white, gray, or even pink -- is connected to the element of earth, and to balancing the humors of crystqls body.

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    Also known as Egyptian marble, jasper is a stone usually found in a brownish red color, although it may contain streaks of white. Strongly connected to the element of earth, jasper is used for healing magic related to cancer therapy and treatments.

    On a magical level, this stone is perfect for grounding and centering after rituals, and can also be used to bring luck and good fortune. You can also place it under your mattress to give a little extra zing to your sex life. Lapis Lazuli, or Lazurite, comes in many different shades of blue, from pale to deep.

    The color is a reminder that lapis is connected to the element of water.

    "The Magic of Crystal" Cover Page: Quick Page Jump. The Magic of Crystals Free eBook Crystals provide energy, helping the body to the cellular level and the mind reaching the area of suggestion, maintaining health or even recovering. Get the eBook and f ind out everything about crystals. Jun 30,  · The Magic of Crystals is an excellent guide for those who are beginners learning about what crystals have to offer us, to those who have been working with them for years. Forward by Best Selling Author, Alijandra5/5(4).

    Use lapis to treat depression and lift the spirits, as it is connected to the brow chakra and disorders of the brain. For a magical boost, incorporate it into workings involving altered consciousness, trancework, meditation, and connection to the gods of your tradition.

    Lapis lazuli was a popular stone in Egyptian funerary art and sarcophagi. As its name implies, moonstone is tied to the lunar deitiesin particular, any goddess with a triune or triple aspect.

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      After humans, depending on the intensity of the vital field, are animals, plants and minerals. Maintaining the balance of this field ensures good health of the body and mind. Energy jams go into the physical body to the cellular level.

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