Fastest way to get casino comps

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fastest way to get casino comps

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  • Seven smart ways to land a Las Vegas casino comp
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  • Casino Comps Secrets: 5 Steps to Get Them
  • You may find that you get more freebies from an older casino than you would from the shiny new casino.

    Casinos With the Best Comp Offers

    This is even the case when gambling at a chain of casinos. You wah receive better comps staying and playing at Luxor as opposed to Bellagio. Focus your spending. The more you spend with a specific casino player's club, the better the rewards. It makes sense but you may not be thinking about it when you're out and about in Vegas. Pit bosses and hosts may say yes.

    The worst they can do is say no and you move on. They each deal with hundreds of people every day so the odds of them comos a simple comp request are slim. Play the right slot machines if you play slots.

    Returns on slot machines get tp for each higher denomination you play. Never play beyond your means but the higher denomination you play, the longer you should be on the machine to earn more rewards.

    Advertising Cmps Us. The second step is to make a the pit bosses who are in charge of rating your play think that you are betting more than you are. This is not as difficult as it sounds.

    At the Hard Rock Casino, which is pretty small, a loss of more than $ can reportedly net you 10% of your loss in comps. You can also get big comps if you have a large win. When you win big the casino will comp the hell out of you to keep you in the casino so they can win their money back from you. Oct 21,  · The best way to get comps from casinos is to spend time in the casino playing their games. So if you play $25 per hand of blackjack, you can expect to accrue $10 in comp value for five hours of play. Some clubs comp more, some comp (seriously) less. For instance, at the Las Vegas South Point casino, they offer 1 point for every $1 played in the slots. 4, points are good for $12 in comps .

    Pit bosses are lazy and they all pretty much hate their lives so fooling them is straight forward. Generally pit way are pretty busy pretending they are actually doing something, but fastesh is just a ruse. They often just get the first casino or 3 bets of your action and fill it in this as your average bet.

    They will then forget about you until you leave. To capitalize on this all you have to do comps have you and your ally make bigger bets for your first 3 or 4 bets. This is a small price to pay for the higher rating you will receive on your remaining wagers. The next step in maximizing your comp rating is to make it look like you are playing a lot more then you are.

    To create this illusion you wwy on days and at fastest when the casino is crowded.

    This is usually in the evening of a weekend or over a major holiday, but at the very minimum you should play in the evening after 7pm. Locate a crowded Roulette or Craps table where there is a lot of action on it where you and your partner can exchange cash for chips.

    Cadino of you should be as far away from each other as possible as to minimize casino personal making a connection between the two of you. The crowded table serves two purposes, first it camouflages the player by just having them blend into the crowd, and it also allows the two players to wager every other bet or every third bet and not get noticed. To complete the deception you move your chips to various bets on the table and ultimately retract them from the felt prior to the dealer saying "no more bets" in Roulette or before the shooter gets ready to roll the dice in Craps.

    No one, especially the pit boss, will notice that you are not making any bets, but you still get credit for the bet from vet perspective of the comp system.


    This can be done in several different ways and ultimately works best when you combine the methods. First, complain excessively to other players when you lose.

    Wsy draws the attention of the pit bosses, and because casinos are places of social interaction you will blend right in. Pit bosses will give of a glare of satisfaction because they know you are destined to lose. This is done most effectively by palming chips and placing them into your pocket.

    Seven smart ways to land a Las Vegas casino comp

    This shows to the pit boss that you lost more than you actually did. You then can cash out all caskno chips at the cashier cage.

    fastest way to get casino comps

    This gives the illusion that you are continuously losing when you play. The final step to getting great comps from a casino is you have to make it look as if you are a degenerate gambler. This means going to your casino of choice with your partner 2 or 3 times a week. After you play for a while you will start receiving bonuses and free play vouchers in the mail.

    Depending on your level of play this can range anywhere from 10 dollars to dollars. The high denomination machines have higher payback percentages too the lower denomination machines.

    Tips for Earning Complimentary Casino Services

    You should feel free to ask one of the player's club hosts or a Pit Boss what the comp rate is for your play. Try to get an hourly rate from them.

    Most of these people know what the rate for their casino is, but may not be at liberty to tell you. Some clubs comp more, some comp seriously less. Obviously, you need to always use your card, but your rate of tracking for table games can easily be influenced.

    Many supervisors look at the first bet they see when they pick up your card and write that down or enter that amount into the computer system.

    Casino Comps Secrets: 5 Steps to Get Them

    That could cost you a lot in the old comp bank! And, don't be afraid to ask a supervisor what your average bet is. When you do this they will invariably give you a higher number, to be nice and not have to fight with you.

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    1. Rena Rippel:

      Ever wonder where you get the best casino comps? Comps come in all shapes and sizes and vary by the casino and geographic location.

    2. Janet Jiron:

      Earning complimentary items and free services comps at the casino with your slot or table game play is a benefit offered by most casinos in the US. Not every casino offers comps.

    3. Carmon Chisholm:

      Before corporations and bean counters took over operations of casinos, getting freebies was pretty easy. All you had to do was spend some money and wait for a call or mail from a casino.

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